Welcome to Professional Business Practice. This course teaches you how to succeed in the Canadian workplace.

Guiding Questions

As you go through this introduction look for the answers to these questions:

  1. What three key employability skills will I learn?
  2. What eight practices can help me succeed in the course?
  3. What are the four pillars of my education and why are they useful?
  4. Where can I get help with my technical skills?

What You’ll Learn 

Professional Business Practice is designed to provide essential skills for success in the Canadian business environment. Successful students will develop the skills to:

1. Demonstrate Professionalism

  • Understand and capitalize on your professional skills and strengths
  • Present yourself and your work in a professional manner
  • Expand and strengthen your professional network
  • Manage your time and stress using constructive methods and strategies
  • Develop self-reliance, responsibility, adaptability and problem-solving skills

2. Communicate Effectively

  • Communicate clearly and efficiently in a variety of contexts
  • Speak and present clearly and professionally
  • Listen actively
  • Create effective professional documents
  • Practice critical thinking, reliable research, and information presentation skills

3. Collaborate Successfully

  • Actively participate in successful, productive teams
  • Avoid and manage conflict
  • Give and receive skilful feedback
  • Use project management skills to meet deadlines and exceed expectations

How to Succeed in This Course

Click on each item to see the details

The Four Pillars of Your Education

Students who understand that education extends beyond curriculum get their money’s worth from school. At Langara, wise students take advantage of all of these pillars to increase their learning and employability:

  1. Course content: the curriculum taught in class
  2. Lifelong learning skills: adaptability and self-regulation, how to study, write, research
  3. Extra-curricular activities: participating in clubs, volunteer opportunities and events will enhance your knowledge, increase your professional experience, and build your professional network
  4. Connections: colleagues, instructors, guests and visitors will build your social and professional network


The Tech Self-Assessment (in Brightspace) showed how ready your technical skills are for Langara and the workplace. If you need to develop your tech skills, these resources will help:


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