Additional resources

The intent with this business communications course is for instructors to select and use the elements and resources that work best for them. In support of this perspective, we have provided additional resources (that are not actively incorporated into this course) in case they may be useful or of interest.

These additional resources are grouped together by topic in the index below. Click on a link to be taken to the corresponding resource (in this book or elsewhere, if it is external).

Audience analysis

Bad news messages (direct approach and indirect approach)

Business communication cases/scenarios

Communication skills

Document formatting

Employment communications (including cover letters and resumes)

Grammar, writing mechanics (including style, tone, and concision), and writing process

Icebreakers and wrap-ups

Intercultural communication

Oral communication

Persuasive messages


Researching, evaluating, and documenting sources (source use)

Routine and negative news messages


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