Module 2: Meeting our audience’s needs

Download the module 2 overview as a Word document.

Student Instructions

Welcome to Module #2! The last two modules were only 1 week long. This one will be 3 weeks long. You should complete it by <<date>>.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN! Work with your pod to start making your mind map for Module 1. The goal of the mind map is to help you deepen your learning by inviting you to make connections between different elements of the course.

Think about what you learned and how those ideas are connected. Think about how your own ideas are connected to ideas of your pod. Your mind map doesn’t have to include EVERY idea presented, just the ones that are meaningfully connected for your group.

You can start drawing the mind map digitally or hand draw it and take a picture. You’ll submit your mind map after each module for feedback, but each mind map should help you get ready for the next module as well.

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In this module:

  • We will analyze our audience and use this information to create a successful message. We will also consider times when we have more than one audience.
  • We will learn some basic communication models to help us with our audience analysis.
  • We will explore intercultural communication and identify our own values.
  • We will practice using plain language to make our messages accessible.
  • We will think about how the decisions we make as writers create the “tone” of the piece, and choose this tone intentionally.
  • We will explore storytelling and consider how telling stories can help us create more effective business messages.
  • We will begin blogging and set up our blog.

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