Week 7: Organizing our writing, using images, charts, and graphs

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An illustration of a piece of paper with writing on it and a pencilInstructor Notes:

This week does not have any interactive lesson/lecture as it’s intended to afford students an ability to catch up on their work and to ease their stress during midterm season.

Student Notes:

It’s Week 7, so we’re more than halfway through the course. Time flies! Your first blog post is due this week and I know that everyone has midterms, so I’ve decided to lighten the load. We have a bit more reading this week, so we won’t have an interactive lecture. Instead, you’ll help each other out by summarizing the readings.

This week, you will:

  • Read Chapter 5 and Chapter 12.
  • Pick one concept that you learned about in one of those 2 chapters. Then, either
    a) make a visual (chart, graph, infographic, etc) that teaches your classmates about the topic or
    b) Use what you learned about paragraphs to write a clear paragraph that summarizes the topic.
  • Hand in your first blog post.
  • Bonus point: Since we’re working on revision skills, call up someone in your pod (or another friend) and read your blog post out loud to them. Write a paragraph about how the experience felt and what you learned.
  • Do the Questions of the Day.
  • We won’t have an interactive lecture, but I’ll use the optional weekly synchronous lesson to hold extended office hours. Drop in, show me a draft of your blog post or ask me a question about your blog.

Participation Activity

Let’s help each other learn the readings. Read Chapter 5 and 12, then pick one concept you learned. To help your classmates learn the material, you can either:

  1. Create a chart, graph, infographic or other visual that illustrates the topic. You can use free image makers like Venngage (you have to make an account) or Canva.
  2. Use what you learned about paragraphs to write a clear, well-edited paragraph to explain the topic.

Bonus Forum

For the bonus point, call up someone (a member of your pod, a friend or family member) and read them one of your blog posts. Write a short paragraph about how the experience went and what you learned.

Additional resource you may find useful:

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