This book was made possible by the vast corpus of open access resources already online. Many thanks to the translators, photographers, and content creators who made their media available online under Creative Commons and open licenses.

Special thanks to the Perseus Digital Library and for digitizing volumes of public domain translations, to Mythology Unbound for publishing open secondary content, to Wikimedia Commons and its contributors for releasing images under open licenses, and to A. S. Kline and Poetry in Translation for allowing the sharing and adaptation of their copyrighted material.

It was also made possible by an Open Educational Resources (OER) Implementation Grant from the UBC OER Fund. This grant paid for graduate and undergraduate students’ work on this project.

Special thank you and appreciation also goes out to Stephen Bartlett, who created the maps of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, and to Ryan Johnson, who created original, open access translations of Bion and Cleanthes for the book and wrote the section on the goddess Ishtar.

Finally, thank you to those who have assisted in editing the book: Florence Yoon, Antone Minard, Rob Cousland, Nicolette D’Angelo, Virginia Martos, Emma Pauly, Olivia Hopewell, Vanessa Stovall, and Maya Porebska-Smith. The nature of open access means that this book is always a work in progress. If you notice that something is not working or needs editing, please contact me, Tara Mulder, at I’m always happy to hear from you!



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