Chapter 3: Safer Patient Handling, Positioning, Transfers and Ambulation

3.8 Types of Patient Transfers: Transfers Using Mechanical Aids

Critical Thinking Exercises: Questions, Answers, and Sources / References

Critical thinking questions are in bold type, and the answers are italicized. Additional resources or references are provided below.

1. In the following situations, provide a rationale for your choice of type of sling when using a ceiling lift:

  • Transfer to a shower chair.
  • Option 1: Hygiene sling. Less material than a universal sling. Sling can be removed when sitting in a shower chair.
  • Option 2: Universal sling. Can be applied while the client is sitting in a chair, thus it is reasonable that it can be removed after a patient is transferred. 
  • Transfer to a wheelchair.
  • Option 1: Universal sling. Some universal slings are large enough to provide neck support. Different loops allow the user to adjust the  patient’s position (ie. head up, flat, etc.).
  • Option 2: Hammock sling. Provides ++ support and fits from knees to back of head giving neck support.
  • Option 3: Hygiene sling. Less material than a universal sling. Intended to provide patient support for a short time only.


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