Chapter 4: Wound Care

4.9 Drain Management and Removal

Critical Thinking Exercises: Questions, Answers, and Sources / References

Critical thinking questions are in bold type, and the answers are italicized. Additional resources or references are provided below.

  1. When you start to remove your patient’s Jackson Pratt drain, you notice there is 100 ml of fresh blood in the drainage bulb. What would be your next steps?

Stop. Assess the wound. Check the chart for when the last time the drain was emptied. Contact the prescriber to confirm order.

  1. Describe ways in which you can help relieve the discomfort felt by a patient while removing a wound drain.

Offer analgesic. Provide time, distraction techniques (deep breathing, wiggle toes). Remove suction prior to removal.



Potter, P., Perry, A., et al (2019). Canadian fundamentals of nursing (6th ed.). Elsevier; Mosby.


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