Chapter 5: Oxygen Therapy

5.8 Oral Suctioning

Critical Thinking Exercises: Questions, Answers, and Sources / References

  1. What is the purpose of oral suctioning?

Answer: to clear oral secretions; to decrease risk of aspiration from oral secretions.


2. Name 3 types of patient conditions that present risk for airway obstruction or ineffective cough.

Answer: Patients at risk for airway obstruction include: persons with stroke; neuromuscular disease (ALS, muscular dystrophy), persons with respiratory disease associated with ++ secretions, severely debilitated persons.


3. What is the rationale for encouraging the patient to cough before suctioning?

Answer: to clear secretions and to promote oxygenation


Source: Perry, A. G., Potter, P. A., & Ostendorf, W. R. (2017). Clinical nursing skills & techniques (9th ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier-Mosby.


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