Dr. Barry Dupen

Dr. Dupen is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW). He has nine years’ experience as a metallurgist, materials engineer, and materials laboratory manager in the automotive industry. His primary interests lie in materials engineering, mechanics, and engineering technology education. He is also an experienced contra dance caller.

Alex Podut

Alex Podut is a Power Engineering Instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), School of Energy.  He teaches physics, applied mechanics, and strength of materials; he also collaborates on computer technology courses.  As one of the members of the Distance Education group, he provides guidance and support to adult learners enrolled in Power Engineering Department’s correspondence courses.

Prior to joining BCIT in 2005, Alex worked as a mechanical engineer for companies such as NORAM Engineering and Constructors and Wellons Canada. He specialized in mechanical equipment, heat exchanger design, equipment specifications, ASME and API vessels calculations and project management.

He holds a Master of Applied Science Degree awarded in 2002 by the University of British Columbia, Mechanical Engineering Department and an European Master of Science Degree in Energy Management and Mechanical Engineering awarded in 1994 by a consortium of European Universities and UNESCO’s Division of Engineering and Technology.

Alex enjoys all that Pacific Coast offers, from skiing and camping to boating and motorcycling.



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