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Strength of Materials is a topic taught in all Mechanical Engineering related programs and as such is part of the Power and Process Engineering curriculum in British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).  The course continues developing the engineering foundation set in Principles of Statics and Applied Mechanics, taught to second year Power and Process students in Level 1.  Successful completion of the course helps Power Engineering (PE) graduates fast track their careers as the topic is part of their 2nd and 1st class examinations curriculum.

The delivery of Strength of Materials course to Power Engineering students is centered around the open textbook written by Dr. Barry Dupen, Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Department of Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne.  The text book is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution [1] and is available for download here:

Applied Strength of Materials for Engineering Technology

It was Dr. Dupen’s intention to not include end of the chapter questions as he provides new sets with every course delivery.  This gave us the opportunity and challenge to create our own problem sets. The problems were developed (or selected) in such way that they are relevant to Power Engineers. At the same time, when we felt that further summaries or procedures would enhance the learning process and help to our students, we added them. The focus of the “Supplement” is mostly on the “Applied” attribute of Strength of Materials discipline while still summarizing some theoretical aspects.


  1. ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)


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