Chapter 1 – Engineering

Engineers Without Borders

At Engineers Without Borders Canada, we strive to unlock human potential.

We unlock human potential in Sub-Saharan Africa by investing in forward-thinking social enterprises. We support local innovators to accelerate their impact and apply their innovations on a global scale, to the benefit of millions.

We unlock human potential in Canada by fostering a community of leaders—supporting a network of established thought leaders while developing the next generation of pioneers.

We unlock human potential globally—collaborating with innovators across boundaries, consolidating our similarities, and learning from our differences. This enables people to contribute individually and as a collective, and to challenge the national and global policies, systems and institutions that contribute to the flawed status quo.

Evolving Engineering

Unlocking the higher potential of the engineering profession to contribute to society.

The engineering profession has a unique and vital role to play in ensuring we move towards the world we want to see—one with more universal equality, sustainability and wellbeing. The reason is engineers play a key role in shaping the relationship between technology and society, which will have massive implications on all aspects of humanity.

Technology holds the potential to drive economic development, tackle the sustainable development goals and grand challenges of the 21st century, and even enhance our very humanity through increased connectivity and higher creativity.

For the engineering profession to live up to its full potential and guide this relationship, we believe engineers will have to develop new skills and expand their understanding. Through increased socio-technological expertise, the engineering community can enact more impactful leadership.

What is the higher potential that we mention for the engineering profession? A global movement of engineers leveraging deep technological understanding in collaboration with diverse leaders to anticipate challenges, frame opportunities to benefit society, and deliver solutions.

As the relationship between technology and society continues to evolve, we must continuously evolve engineering to ensure we live up to our potential.

Our portfolio currently consists of a number of initiatives targeted at fostering the evolution of engineering:


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