Chapter 1 – Engineering

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century by the National Academy of Engineering

According to the USA’s National Academy of Engineering, these are the top 20 engineering achievements of the last century.

How many of the 20th century’s greatest engineering achievements will you use today? A car? Computer? Telephone? Explore our list of the top 20 achievements and learn how engineering shaped a century and changed the world.

  1. Electrification
  2. Automobile
  3. Airplace
  4. Water supply and distribution
  5. Electronics
  6. Radio and televison
  7. Agriculture mechanization
  8. Computers
  9. Telephone
  10. Refrigeration and air conditioning
  11. Highways
  12. Spacecraft
  13. Internat
  14. Imaging
  15. Household appliances
  16. Health technologies
  17. Petroleum and Petrochemical Technologies
  18. Laser and fibre optics
  19. Nuclear technologies
  20. High performance materials



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