Chapter 9 – Ethics – British Columbia and Canadian Cases

Site C Dam

Site C is a large hydroelectric project in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada.   Overseen by BC Hydro.


Site C Dam artist’s rendition from BC Hydro web site Accessed July 9 2019

Here is a link to the official web site of the project for more details.

Here is a link from an environmental group that opposes the dam.


There are many ethical concerns about this project in particular around the first part of the code  “1) Hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public, the protection of the environment and promote health and safety within the workplace”.

  • concerns about the amount of land being flooded
  • concerns about lack of consultation with the First Nations community


Ethical concerns under code 2.   “Undertake and accept responsibility for professional assignments only when qualified by training or experience.”  Concerns

  • BC Hydro overseeing the design
  • BC Utilities Commissions in Early 1980’s rejected the Site C proposal
  • Poor forecasting of energy demand
  • Clean Energy Act of 2010 meant that Site C dam was exempt from further review

Ethical concerns under 7 “Conduct themselves with fairness, courtesy and good faith towards clients, colleagues and others, give credit where it is due and accept, as well as give, honest and fair professional comment,”

  • BC Hydro
  • BC Utilities Commission
  • Stakeholders – Environmentalists and Indigenous People


Consequences from terminating projects identified by the Liberal Party








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