Jennifer Kirkey’s ENGR1110 assignment on BioHacking

As part of the course I am taking at Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada I am doing a research project.  Of the topics given to me I choose Implanting Electronics into the Human Body.


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The purpose of the final research project is to examine the Engineering profession and its relationship with society.  As the instructor said “Throughout this semester, this course would have provided you insight into the following topics.”

  • Design
  • Scientists versus Engineers
  • The history of the Engineering profession
  • Sustainability
  • Engineering and the environment
  • Engineering and the betterment of the Human Condition
  • Advancements in Technology

This project will be an in depth research study of Engineering issues that humanity is currently facing. Your findings will be submitted in the form of a research report and in-class  presentation. As this is a research project, you will be required to research information from various books, articles, papers, website, and etc. For this final research paper, Wikipedia is not an acceptable source of information.

Project Details

Biohacking of ‘Do-It-Yourself Biology’, describes the process of making changes to your lifestyle in an attempt to alter the body’s natural biology and improve the way you feel. [1,2].  The term biohacking has been traced to the late 1980’s, but is biohacking a fad, or is its roots traced deeper in the realm of chemical and biological engineering? While the term biohacking has been linked to simple principles of lifestyle changes such as eliminating sugar in your diet, the expectation of this research paper is to dig deeper into large laboratory scale, big budget biohacking, based on the following topics:

  1. The Use of Anabolic Steroids in Professional Sports.
  2. Manipulating and Customizing DNA.
  3. Implanting Electronics into the Human Body.

The expectation of this project is to formulate an argumentative research paper on one of the three topics outlined above. The research will identify critical historical discoveries, document the progression of key milestones up to today and the future outlook.  The research will also include details of the role of the engineering society, the engineering and ethical issues that were encountered, as well as any pertinent policies and regulations that were developed.

Project Deliverables

The project will consist of 3 deliverables:

Project Proposal Document (Mid-Term) – June 20, 2019

 The Project Proposal Document will serve as a mid-term paper that identifies the foundation of your final research paper and must include the following:

  • The topic chosen.
  • The basis that will eventually form your argument.
  • Preliminary research.

The Project Proposal Document shall be 2-5 pages in length, written in 12-point Serif font and contain proper citation.

Final Project Research Paper – August 1, 2019

 The final research paper formalizes all research in a properly formatted document and will also be written in 12-point Serif font with proper citation.

Final Presentation – August 7, 2019 (tentative)

 The final presentation will be a 20-30 minute presentation of the research, followed by time for questioning by a judging panel (to be determined). The method of presentation delivery is open, but limited to the equipment available in S1720.







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