Chapter 5 – Case Studies

Texas A&M University Case Studies Collection


The more than 30 cases address a wide range of ethical issues that can arise in engineering practice. There is no easy way to categorize the cases. So they are presented in alphabetical order by case name. There are some broad categories in terms of which many of the cases can be arranged. However, it should be noted that many cases fall into several of these categories; and many cases raise issues for which no special category is listed below. It is best for readers to view the listings below simply as suggestive.


Michael S. Pritchard

The Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (EAC/ABET) now requires accredited engineering programs in the United States to make serious efforts to foster in their students “an understanding of the ethical characteristics of the engineering profession and practice.”2 In cooperation with the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Western Michigan University’s Center for the Study of Ethics in Society undertook a three year project to develop case studies that can be used in meeting this EAC/ABET requirement. This project is one of several funded by the National Science Foundation’s Ethics and Values in Science program in order to improve ethics education in engineering. What follows is an introduction to the project–its background and rationale, and guidelines for its use.

NASA and the Kennedy Space Centre Space Shuttle Case Study Collection

Welcome to NASA KSC’s newest educational resource – the Shuttle Case Study Collection! In an effort to capture and share knowledge gained from the Space Shuttle Program’s 30-year history, the KSC Education Programs and University Research Division has developed the Shuttle Case Study Collection, or SCSC. Designed especially for educators and students to gain behind the scenes access into the Space Shuttle System, the SCSC is a great resource for engineering and pre-engineering curriculum. This collection is designed to provide unique content for educators to incorporate into the classroom and aid in the teaching of good engineering practices and the enhancement of critical thinking, decision making, and problem-solving skills.

Our formally reviewed collection contains cases in a variety of technical areas related to the Space Shuttle System. Our reports are perfect tools for classroom discussion, group activities, and research projects. Supply your students with real world experiences of NASA engineers, contractors, and other industry professionals. Enhance your engineering curriculum by introducing students to the unique decision making processes related to Shuttle maintenance, processing, and launch. Challenge your students to think like official NASA team members. We invite you to browse our collection now!


Engineers without Borders

One of the best places to find case studies is from Engineers Without Borders.

Case studies are the basis of assignments and projects that connect people to Africa. They give students a sense of the issues people are facing in Africa and around the world.




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