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Mehrzad Tabatabaian

Dr. Mehrzad Tabatabaian is a faculty member at the Mechanical Engineering Department, School of Energy at BCIT. He has several years of teaching and industry experience. In addition to teaching courses in mechanical engineering, he researches renewable energy systems and modelling. Dr. Tabatabaian is currently Chair of the BCIT School of Energy Research Committee. He has published several papers in scientific journals and conferences, and he has written textbooks on multiphysics and turbulent flow modelling, advanced thermodynamics, tensor analysis, and direct energy conversion. He holds several registered patents in the energy field.

Recently, Dr. Tabatabaian volunteered to help establish the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division (EERED), a new division at Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC).

Mehrzad Tabatabaian received his BEng from Sharif University of Technology and advanced degrees from McGill University (MEng and PhD). He has been an active academic, professor, and engineer in leading alternative energy, oil, and gas industries. Mehrzad has also a Leadership Certificate from the University of Alberta and holds an EGBC P.Eng. License.


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