Book Title: Engineering Systems Dynamics Modelling, Simulation, and Design

Subtitle: Lagrangian and Bond Graph Methods

Author: Mehrzad Tabatabaian

Book Description: This open education resource presents effective system modelling methods, including Lagrangian and bond graph, and the application of a relevant engineering software tool, 20-sim. The content is designed for engineering students and professionals in the field to support their understanding and application of these methods for modelling, simulation, and design of engineering systems. The text also includes videos showing selected worked-out examples.

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Book Description

This textbook emphasizes the fundamentals of modelling methods—including Lagrangian and bond graph—and introduces a software tool for modelling and simulation to support the design of common engineering systems. This approach minimizes the time-consuming effort of manipulating and extracting system equations and writing computer code for integrating and finding their solution. We believe that our approach helps both students and professionals currently working in the field to become more productive engineers. Videos of selected worked-out examples help the reader understand the topic and applications for real-world engineering systems. This book comprises of 11 chapters.


Mehrzad Tabatabaian


Mechanical engineering


Engineering Systems Dynamics Modelling, Simulation, and Design
Mehrzad Tabatabaian
Primary Subject
Mechanical engineering
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Electrical engineering, Engineering: general, Hydraulic engineering, Energy technology and engineering, Computer modelling and simulation, Systems analysis and design
British Columbia Institute of Technology
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Publication Date
October 27, 2021
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