Chapter 14: The Research Proposal

15- Step Approach to Writing a Research Proposal

Step 1: Give the research proposal a title.

Step 2: Provide relevant personal and professional details below the title.

Step 3: Provide a short abstract or summary of around 300 words. (Some proposals do not include an abstract. Ask if you are unsure whether or not one is required.)

Step 4: Supply five keywords to describe the research proposal.

Step 5: Construct an introduction that contains the rationale and overview of a relevant literature review.

Step 6:  State the aim, research question, sub-questions and hypotheses/null hypotheses (if applicable) of the proposed research study.

Step 7: Outline the research methods.

Step 8: Select the setting, participants, sampling method, inclusion/exclusion criteria, and method of recruitment.

Step 9: Describe the data collection instruments to be utilized.

Step 10: Detail the intended data processing and analysis methods to be utilized.

Step 11. Declare any ethical considerations and outline data protection procedures to be followed.

Step 12: Produce a timetable. Consider potential problems that may occur and describe the limitations of the study.

Step 13: Estimate the resources that may be required.

Step 14: Create a reference list or bibliography (depending upon the assignment instructions).

Step 15: Append relevant additional material.


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