Chapter 9: Analysis Of Survey Data

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the different types of analysis for survey data.
  • Define univariate analysis.
  • Identify the three measures of central tendency.
  • Define bivariate analysis.
  • Explain what a contingency table is and how it is used.

This open source text is primarily focused on designing research, collecting data, and becoming a knowledgeable and responsible consumer of research. We will not spend as much time on data analysis, or what to do with our data once we have designed a study and collected it. However, we will spend some time in each of our data-collection chapters describing some important basics of data analysis that are unique to each method. Entire textbooks have been written entirely on data analysis. In fact, if you have ever taken a statistics class, you already know much about how to analyze quantitative survey data. For these purposes, we will go over a few basics that can get you started as you begin to think about turning all those completed surveys into findings that you can share.


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