Chapter 11: Quantitative Interview Techniques & Considerations

Learning Objectives

  • Describe a standardized interview.
  • Explain how quantitative interviews differ from qualitative interviews.
  • Explain how to analyze quantitative interview data.
  • Identify the main issues that qualitative and quantitative interviewers should consider.
  • Describe the options that interviewers have for balancing power between themselves and interview participants.
  • Describe and define rapport.
  • Define the term, “probe”, and describe how probing differs in qualitative and quantitative interviewing.

Quantitative interviews are similar to qualitative interviews in that they involve some researcher/respondent interaction; however, the process of conducting and analyzing findings from quantitative interviews differs in several ways from that of qualitative interviews. Each approach comes with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. We will explore these differences in the following sections.


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