12.2. Closing techniques and how to use them

There are many closing techniques that have been researched for improving the effectiveness of the sale.  For this chapter, we will focus on 5:

  1. Summary close—reiterate the conversation, the benefits and summarizing why the prospect will buy. An example includes: “So, the Centrifab washing machine has a brushless motor, a 10 year comprehensive guarantee, and free delivery and installation. These were the features you emphasized so that you can have a machine that will be guaranteed to last with a quiet motor and that you don’t have to set up. When would be a good time to deliver?” (Wiggins, 2020)
  2. Direct close— simply just asking for the order. This technique can also be called the assumptive close. This technique is the simplest but it also seems to be the hardest as salespeople fear rejection and are hesitant to ask. If you are confident the buyer is interested and you have answered all their questions, ask for their business. An example would be: Can I get started on the paperwork” or “Does that sound ok?”
  3. Alternative choice—asking the prospect to pick between two choices. Both of the choices lead to purchasing the product or service though. Examples include: “Would you like the washing machine delivered on Monday or Wednesday? “ Would you like to invest $1000 or would $500 be a better amount for you?” (Ingram, Laforge, Avila, Schwepker, Williams & Shannahan, 2015).
  4. T-account/balance sheet close—outlining the pros and cons to the purchase. This is similar to the summary close except you are writing down on paper and working close with the buyer to show the benefits of buying.
  5. Success story close—telling a story or using a referral story where a business successfully solved their problem by buying the product or service you are selling (Ingram, Laforge, Avila, Schwepker, Williams & Shannahan, 2015).


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