Test Your Knowledge

  1. Name at least four of the traits of successful salespeople that are discussed in the chapter.
  2. What does pay-for-performance mean in selling?
  3. Which is better, a job that pays more or a job that you enjoy?
  4. Are there selling opportunities in a nonprofit organization?
  5. Identify where each of the following is a B2B or B2c selling channel:
    1. Selling a fence to a small business owner.
    2. Selling business cards to a small business owner.
    3. Selling food to a school for the cafeteria.
    4. Selling energy drinks to spectators at a race.


  1. Character and ability to build trust, ability to connect, listening skills, ability to ask the right questions, willingness to learn, drive to succeed, resilience and positive attitude, risk taking, ability to ask for the order, independence and discipline, flexibility, and passion.
  2. Pay-for-performance is a term that describes the fact that you make more money based on selling more. Many sales positions include a pay-for-performance compensation structure, which means that the more you sell, the more money you make. Conversely, if you do not meet your objectives, your paycheck will be smaller.
  3. Although compensation is important, it is not the only measure of a good job. Choosing a job that you enjoy with opportunities to achieve what you want and working in the environment that you like with people you like are important elements in evaluating a position.
  4. Yes, fund-raising and developing (as in creating and building endowments and growing membership) are some of the selling opportunities available in the nonprofit sector.
  5. a. B2B; b. B2B; c. B2B; d. B2C


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