Test Your Knowledge

  1. What is closing?
  2. What are the reasons closing a sales presentation fails?
  3. Name the types of closing methods.
  4. What is a trial close and what is its place in the sales process?


  1. Closing is the last step in the sales presentation. It is step 6 of 7 in the sales process and is when you ask the customer for their business.
  2. Closing fails when a salesperson fears rejection and does not close. Closing only once, not asking for what you want, asking too few questions, and closing on the wrong buyer are also reasons closing goes awry.
  3. Closing methods include direct, summary, t-account, alternative choice, and story.
  4. A trial close can and should be done throughout the sales presentation to check in on how the client is feeling. It is a low risk question as it does not force the buyer to make a decision.  Creating and practicing a variety of questions will help develop the trial close.


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