Key Takeaways

  • Personal selling is a powerful part of everyday life. The selling process can help you get what you want both personally and professionally.
  • You are always selling your ideas, your point of view, and yourself in virtually every situation, from class participation to going out with friends.
  • In order to understand the selling process, you have to understand brands. A brand can be a product, service, concept, cause, location, or even a person. A brand consistently offers value to a customer with something that is unique, consistent, and relevant and creates an emotional connection.
  • Brands are important in selling because customers trust brands.
  • Sales is a career opportunity for you to consider; one in ten people in the United States has a job in sales or a sales-related occupation.
  • customer-centric organization has the customer as the focal point. You work as a team with all functions in the company to provide products and services that meet customers’ needs.
  • Sales and marketing are two distinct but closely related functions. Sales converts the customer to a purchaser with one-on-one interaction. Marketing determines the brand message and uses the elements of the promotion mix to motivate the customer to take an action. Both work together to build ongoing relationships with customers.


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