Test Your Knowledge

  1. How many calls does it take on average to close a sale?
  2. True or false: After the sale is closed, the role of the salesperson is finished.
  3. What does this statement mean: “Even though the sale is closed, you should never assume the sale is closed”?
  4. Name three areas that require follow-up on the part of the salesperson.
  5. Identify three ways that you can add value to your customers’ businesses during the follow-up process.
  6. Name three benefits of having a loyal customer.
  7. What is a customer feedback loop?
  8. Describe Net Promoter Score?
  9. What is the formula to calculate NPS?


  1. Five.
  2. False.
  3. Good salespeople help avoid buyer’s remorse by following up quickly after the sale is closed and reinforcing the fact that the buyer made a good decision.
  4. Contracts to be signed, delivery to be scheduled, customer shipping and billing information to be added to CRM system, credit checks, addition of customers to all appropriate correspondence, invoice to be generated, welcome package to be sent to customer, introductions to be made to all appropriate internal people on the team, and status calls to be scheduled.
  5. Phone and in-person regular status updates, newsletters, white papers, industry information, networking, asking questions, spending time in the business.
  6. Additional sales from the loyal customer, testimonials to be used in presentations for prospects, and referrals to new customers.
  7. A formal process for gathering, synthesizing, and acting upon customer feedback.
  8. NPS is a closed loop customer feedback system that relies on the answer from customers to one key question: “How likely would you be to recommend this product or service to your friends or colleagues?”
  9. NPS = Promoters – Detractors.


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