Critical Reflection

Submit 1–3 written pages, video submission, or other medium if that serves the intention of your reflection.

Choose two (or all three) of the reflective questions below.

Option One

Reflecting on Jess Housty’s essay and the passage:

“When I think about that spring morning in my childhood, and the black fins cutting through ocean and fog, I think about prayer. I feel humbleness, gratitude and a sense of safety. I feel community. I feel home.”

  • What supports you to feel those things? Where is your strongest sense of connection to place rooted? How does that connection inform or support your work? How might it?

Option Two

  • What did you notice about your experience of the Somatic Centering practice? What was supportive to you? What was challenging?

Option Three

  • In reading about some of the common defensive responses to climate change realities, which ones do you recognize in yourself? Which ones have you seen show up in your work with others?
  • When you are outside your Window of Tolerance, what does it feel like in your body? What other signs tell you that you might have entered in fight, flight or freeze responses?

Skills Building

You have the option to complete and submit one or both of these assignments below.

Option One

(2-4 pages)

Choose one event/initiative that requires participants to navigate climate grief (it could be one from past experience, or one you anticipate). Thinking about the Holistic Model for Process Design provided in the readings list, the lecture notes and other required readings, what elements would you design to provide a psychologically supportive approach?

Please include:

  • A short description of the event or initiative;
  • What aspects might be challenging to participants needs for safety, connection and authentic action;
  • Ideas you have for psychologically supportive approaches or processes (these could be large or small elements), and why you chose them.

Option Two

(1-3 pages)

Create a simple self-care plan for yourself as a climate adaptation practitioner. Please include:

  • What you’re noticing that tells you this self-care plan is needed now;
  • One practice that supports each of the needs for Safety, Connection and Authentic Action;
  • Your commitment to integrating these practices into your life; and
  • Anything else that would support you to make this plan useful.

Community Building

Post an excerpt from one of your assignments (Skills Building or Critical Reflection) or a reflection on the readings that highlights something that stands out to you from this module’s content.

Please respond to at least one or two other posts.



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