Module 3: Climate Communications

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this module are:

  • Recognize the distinction between strategic communications and ‘raising awareness’;
  • Identify common psychological barriers in climate communications and learn approaches to address them in adaptation engagement; and
  • Apply key concepts of strategic communications (identifying audiences/collaborators, framing, messengers, values alignment, empathy, core needs) to specific examples and scenarios.

Readings and Media


Stop Raising Awareness Already, Ann Christiano, Annie Neimand 

The Preparation Frame: A Guide to Building Understanding of Climate Impacts and Engagement in Solutions (need to join to access. But joining is free)

Communicating Changing Risk – (scroll to Susanne Moser response) 

The Psychology of Climate Communication 

Having the climate conversation: Strategies for Local Governments – ICLEI (P. 16, 17, 23-26, 29, 30)

Talking it Through: A Discussion Guide for Local Government Staff on Climate Adaptation (P. 16, Matrix for identifying key audiences/partners)

For Case Studies:


From Facts to Frames: Examining Dominant and Alternative Meanings of Climate Change in Public Deliberation Initiative 

Improving Public Engagement With Climate Change: Five “Best Practice” Insights From Psychological Science, van der Linden, Maibach, Leiserowitz 

Climate Change Communications and Indigenous Publics (Note: not available without a login).

Best Practices: Communicating on Climate Change – Clean BC 

What do Canadians Really Think about Climate Change – Climate Access; Climate Narratives Project

Report and Webinar 

Communicating adaptation to climate change: the art and science of public engagement when climate change comes home – Susanne Moser



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