Critical Reflection

Choose a reading from one of the previous modules that you found challenging or that you changed a way you see some aspect of your practice. Prepare a way to share the gifts of that reading with other learners, describing how the teaching landed for you emotionally, mentally, as well as physically and even spiritually (could be a slide deck, a drawing, written reflections, or other method).

Skills Building and Capstone Project Completion

Submit in a format that best shares the content of your capstone project.

  • Complete your personal capstone project.
  • Respond to one cycle of adaptive action questions (What am I learning? So What is most important to carry forward from this course? Now what will I do differently?)

Community Building

Share your critical reflection responses.

Review your peers’ posts and comment on 2 -3 of them.

Capstone Project

This course has emphasized application and implementation as the ‘test’ for effective strategy. The capstone project aims to provide a structured way to harvest the concepts, approaches and tools that are most relevant for your work and to consider how they will influence this work going forward. Therefore, the criteria for this capstone are measured against the degree to which they serve your learning. With that in the mind, this project should demonstrate:

  • Which key course concepts are most relevant for your work; and
  • How these concepts are being integrated/applied.

You can submit whatever format and medium best supports your work.



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