Module 7: Community Engagement

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this module are:

  • Outline key principles of meaningful community engagement
  • Build literacy around impacts of power and privilege on engagement and participation
  • Develop capacity to build a strategic engagement plan
  • Explore individual values and ethical responsibilities as they relate to community engagement

Readings and Media


IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation 

IAP2 Core Values 

The Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership 

Indigenous Climate Change Adaptation Planning Using a Values-Focused Approach: A Case Study with the Gitga’at Nation 

Urban Sustainability Directors Network Guide to Equitable Community-Driven Climate Preparedness (Focus on p. 23 – 40)


Case Study: Preparing our Home 

Making it personal: Diversity and deliberation in climate adaptation planning 

Visualizing Climate Change 

Role-play simulations for climate change adaptation education and engagement to an external site.

The Citizens Coolkit 

Urban Sustainability Directors Network collaborative board games 

Session Lab Toolbox 

A Synthesis of PICS-Funded Social Mobilization Research  (P. 42 – 46)

Gather: The Art and Science of Effective Convening 

Engagement Streams Framework: National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation 

Supporting Dialogue and Analysis on Trade-Offs in Climate Adaptation Research With the Maladaptation Game|



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