Module 2: Psychology of Climate Change

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this module are:

  • Build literacy around the psychological impacts of climate change as they relate to engagement and dialogue for climate adaptation;
  • Develop practices to support personal wellbeing as climate adaptation practitioners; and
  • Identify how to apply psychologically supportive approaches to adaptation engagement and dialogue.

Readings and Media


How to Turn Climate Anxiety into Action – Renee Lertzman 

Hope and Mourning in the Anthropocene: Understanding Ecological Grief 

Find your Pod – Jess Housty 

Somatic Centering, Sumitra Rajkumar starts at 1:27 – 14:52

Navigating Loss and Damage: Making space for ecological grief in the climate adaptation planning process – Quinn Howard (p. 103-110) 

Holistic Model for Process Design worksheet, Jessie Hemphill [Download PDF]

Beyond Storms and Droughts: The Psychological Impacts of Climate Change P. 31 – 35 Tips for engaging


Ecological grief and anxiety: the start of a healthy response to climate change? 

Getting Real About it: Meeting the Psychological Demands of a World in Distress — Susanne Moser 

Mental Health & Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Implications and Practices (Recorded Webinar) — Renee Lertzman, Judy Wu, Emily Dicken 

Hope vs. fear in the language of climate change – What on Earth (Start at 10:13 – 16:54) 

Communicating with empathy in an era of disruption 

Trauma-Informed: The Trauma Toolkit – Klinic Community Health Centre  (P. 14, 17, 18)

Ecological grief as a mental health response to climate change-related loss – Cunsolo and Ellis 

Lament for the Land 

This too Shall Pass: Mourning Collective Loss – Collective Psychology Alliance 

Not for the Faint of Heart: Tasks of Climate Change Communication in the Context of Societal Transformation 

Mental health and our changing climate: Impacts, implications, and guidance, American Psychological Association



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