Critical Reflection

Part One

Please respond to the following questions by submitting a 1–3 page Word document:

  • After reviewing the lecture notes and readings, what aspects of this course might be most challenging for you? What stands out to you? What aspects are you most excited to explore more deeply?
  • What important insights about strategic dialogue and engagement do you bring, from your own experience?
  • What burning questions do you have about this work/this course?

Part Two

Complete the Interaction Institute for Social Change Privilege Profile and respond to the following questions:

  • What surprised you? What felt challenging? What was familiar?
  • What implications might this activity have for your work as an engagement and dialogue practitioner?

Skills Building

Please respond to the following questions by submitting a 1–3 page Word document:

  • What are your learning priorities for this course? What difference do you hope this course will make for you in your work?
  • The skills building assignments ask you to reflect on how these key learning objectives from each module can be put into practice. To support this application, it will be helpful to identify one or two case studies that you want to work with. These could be from your own work or from examples provided. Please briefly describe the case study/ies that you plan to work with in this course.

Note: There will be a final capstone project, in which you have the opportunity to put the learning from this course that is most relevant to you in to practice. This could be an engagement or communications strategy, a project plan, a professional development plan or something else. As you go through the skills building assignments over the coming weeks, consider how these might contribute to your capstone.

Community Building

Please use these prompts to help us get to know one another. You are encouraged to include images and additional details if you like!

  • Name
  • Pronouns
  • The Territories on which you live. (Resources to learn more are here and here )
  • If my 5-year-old self had chosen my career I would be…
  • A place on the land that has special meaning for me is…
  • In the last 6 months, something that has inspired me or lifted my spirits is…
  • Something that might surprise people about me is…
  • My motivation and hopes for taking this course

Plus… Anything else you’d like to share that informs how you’re showing up to this learning experience



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