Critical Reflection

Submit 1-3 pages as a Word document.

Bring to mind a meeting or conversation that you have coming up in your work, reflect on the questions from Chris Corrigan’s “Hosting in a Hurry” reading: What am I curious about? Where am I feeling anxiety coming into this meeting and how can I let that go? What clarity do I need? What clarity do I have?

What did you notice about your responses to those reflections? What surprised you? What was challenging? What difference did they make in your perspectives on this meeting?

Skills Building

Submit 1–2 pages as a Word document.

Choose one or more of the skills-building activities. Practice the skill and write a short reflection describing your experience. Options:

  • Question bank activity: Thinking about a project or sticky situation in your own work, what are 8-10 powerful questions that could make all the difference?
  • Choose a meeting or conversation and one or two skills from the lecture to practice. What do you notice about trying out these skills? What worked well? What was challenging? What are you taking away from the experience?
  • Think about a scenario in your work or life where you experienced some of the dialogue approaches or practices described in this module. Briefly describe the scenario and practices. As a participant, what worked well? What seemed challenging? What would you do differently if you had convened or facilitated the session?

Community Building

Share some of your “powerful” questions or other responses to the assignments and reflect and comment on 2 to 3 of your peers’ posts.



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