Course Assignments and Case Studies

While strategic engagement and dialogue show up in each stage of both formal and less structured climate adaptation planning processes, as well as efforts to mainstream climate preparedness into organizational systems, this course will not focus on checklists or one-size-fits-all toolkits. Instead, this course aims to build capacities that can be relevant, adaptable and applicable to multiple contexts and situations.

However, it’s also important that more generalizable concepts are paired with practical support to move initiatives forward in specific contexts and decision-making environments. To that end, each module includes an assignment that aligns with each of the following categories: critical reflection; skills building/application; and community building.

Each week, you will be asked to:

  • Reflect on course concepts as they relate to a real-world scenario from your own practice or lived experience;
  • Apply the concepts by creating content, materials or other resources; and
  • Share with and learn from the expertise of your colleagues in the course.

In addition to readings, you will be offered case studies and/or guest lectures and interviews with other practitioners who will reflect on the ways that course concepts apply in their own experience.


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