Exercise 1.2. Describing Chemical and Biochemical Sedimentary Rocks

What To Do

Fill in Table 1.6 to create a full rock description for the specimens in the Samples section below. These are both carbonates and non-carbonates. A version of Table 1.6 is provided in the worksheets.

For ease of reference, Table 1.5 and Figure 1.4 are reproduced after Table 1.6 in the Reference Tools section.


Click here to view this table as a PDF file.

Reference Tools

Click here to view this table as a PDF file.


Figure 1.4 | Flowchart for classifying carbonate rocks. Click here to view this diagram as a PDF file.


Advance through each of the following slide decks to see one or more photographs of each sample. Some slides also include a short video of the sample being rotated. Videos do not have sound. If you are unable to see the slide decks, click on each sample title to open the slide deck in a new window.






The slides below show three examples of the same general rock type. Describe the example indicated by your TA, however you may find it useful to look at all three examples to get a better idea of the general characteristics of the rock type.




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