Exercise 3.1. Identifying Unconformities

What To Do

Download the printer-friendly worksheets in the format of your choice (available at the beginning of Lab 3).

In Figure 3.2, an unconformity surface has been marked with a dark wiggly line. The specific type of unconformity is different depending on where along the wiggly line you look. Find examples of the three types of unconformities in Figure 3.2 and draw them in the labelled boxes. Include the rock textures (patterns) as they appear in the geological cross-section.


Still not sure what to do?

Imagine Figure 3.2 is an outcrop that you spot while doing fieldwork, and you want to take photos focusing on excellent examples of each of the three types unconformities. What parts of the cross-section would the photos include to best capture the essential characteristics of each type of unconformity?


Figure 3.2 | Geologic cross-section.


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