Exercise 2.3. Introducing Sedimentary Facies

What To Do

Have your completed Table 2.1 with you for reference, and find Table 2.3 in your worksheets.

Read the next two sections (Descriptions of Depositional Environments and Sedimentary Transport Systems) and fill in Table 2.3 with some preliminary ideas as to what sediments you might find in each of the environments.

Use only the information in those two sections, and include only the following details in Table 2.3:

A. Is this setting likely to have clastic, chemical, or both sediment types?

B. What is the general energy level (high, medium, or low)?

C. Based on (B), what grain sizes (clays and silts/sands/gravels) might be expected?

D. Colour (red/brown in air, grey or grey-green in water).

E. Might there be fossils (yes/ no), and what type (terrestrial or marine)?


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