Exercise 2.5. Identifying Facies in Fiji

What To Do

Refer to Figure 2.7 to answer the questions below. You can also click here to view the location in Google Earth.

Exercise 2.5A

The region shown in Figure 2.7 includes the following depositional environments:

  • Beach
  • Reef
  • Lagoon
  • Shelf

Which depositional environment corresponds to each of the letters A through D in Figure 2.7?

A. _________________________

B. _________________________

C. _________________________

D. _________________________

Exercise 2.5B

Answer the questions below by giving the letter and also the depositional environment name.

  1. Where would you expect to find ooids?
  2. Where would you find the trace fossil Trypanite?
  3. Where might you find small patch reefs?


Figure 2.7 | Cakaulevu Reef, Fiji. Source: Norman Kuring, NASA Ocean Color Team.



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