Figure 1.1 Map of Yukon First Nation traditional territories.
Figure 2.1 Map of Beringia and possible travel routes into the new world.
Figure 2.2 Yukon archaeological sites discussed in the book.
Figure 2.3 Archaeological sites and dates described in this volume: southwest Yukon and northwest Yukon/central Alaska.
Figure 2.4 Anthropologist Norman Easton at the Little John site.
Figure 2.5 Deputy Chief David Johnny, language expert Ruth Johnny and Norman Easton.
Figure 2.6 Moccasin, estimated to be 1,400 years old, found in a Yukon Ice Patch.
Figure 2.7 Fort Selkirk contact-period artifacts.
Figure 2.8 Archaeologist Dr. Raymond Le Blanc and applied anthropologist Sheila Greer.
Figure 2.9 Culture and heritage specialist Brandon Kyikavichik in the forefront, Dr. Ray Le Blanc to his right.
Figure 3.1 Mary Billy Smith, Mary Edna [Smith], Dr. Catharine [Kitty] McClellan, and Sophie Isaac.
Figure 3.2 Tagish Elder Mrs. Angela Sidney and anthropologist Dr. Julie Cruikshank in 1976.
Figure 3.3 Visual Artist Barb Dawson.
Figure 3.4 Yukon Indigenous languages.
Figure 3.5 Indigenous languages of Yukon.
Figure 3.6 Anthropologist Dr. Barbra Meek.
Figure 3.7 Anthropologist Patrick Moore.
Figure 3.8 Indigenous Studies Researcher Brittany Tuffs.
Figure 3.9 Anthropologist Gillian Staveley.
Figure 4.1 Map of fur-trade posts in Yukon, eastern Alaska, western Northwest Territories, and northern British Columbia.
Figure 4.2 Archaeologist Dr. Victoria Castillo.
Figure 4.3 Selkirk First Nation Project Manager Jessica Alfred.
Figure 4.4 Gold seekers along the Chilkoot Trail.
Figure 4.5 Chief Elijah Smith and Mrs. Annie Ned.
Figure 4.6 The Yukon First Nations delegation in front of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1973.
Figure 4.7 Historian Dr. Ken Coates.
Figure 5.1 Respected Elders Judy Gingell and Sam Johnston discuss Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow.
Figure 5.2 Negotiators Albert Peter, Victor Mitander and Barry Stuart discuss the Umbrella Final Agreement.
Figure 5.3 Former Chiefs Hammond Dick of the Ross River Dena Council and David Johnny Sr. of the White River First Nation talk about forging a separate path from the UFA.
Figure 5.4 Margaret Commodore, Bill Webber, and Charlie Eikland Discuss the Creation and work of the Yukon Association of Non-Status Indians (YANSI).
Figure 5.5 Anthropologist Dr. Paul Nadasdy.
Figure 6.1 Educator, consultant, and dancer Marilyn Yadułtin Jensen wearing Inland Tlingit regalia.
Figure 6.2 The Healing Totem Pole on Whitehorse’s waterfront.
Figure 6.3 Never Give Up – You Will Find Your Way 2012, by Vernon J. M. Asp.
Figure 6.4 Doug Smarch’s artwork “Ice and Fire”.
Figure 6.5 Doll-makers Mrs. Annie Smith and Ms. Dianne Smith sharing knowledge about traditional sewing.
Figure 7.1 Appendix C selection of Yukon First Nation pre-Land Claim land reserves.


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