Climate Change Locally – Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change in the Okanagan Region (Reading)

Optional Reading: Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change in the Okanagan Region

Anticipated Time Commitment: 20 Minutes

Adapted from CAI 

The changes in climate projected for the Okanagan region will have a range of impacts on the agriculture sector. These impacts are summarized IN PAGES 13 – 35 of the above PDF

This set of “impact areas” (groupings of projected climate changes and their associated effects and agricultural impacts) formed the basis for discussions at the first set of workshops. These impact areas were explored in detail with participants and ranked in order of importance for both the individual farm and regional level. Based on this input, the highest priorities were identified and some impact areas in the table above were excluded from consideration at the second workshop. Those impacts that were excluded may prove to be problematic or advantageous in the Okanagan region in the future and should continue to be monitored. Adaptation strategies may still be needed for agriculture to address excluded impact areas.

This is not required reading:  The BC Climate and Agricultural Initiative shows an updated website that has climate change impacts organized in one area.

Also, from the BC Climate and Agricultural Initiative, try reviewing their new website which has a plethora of information for the Cariboo Region of BC.


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