Module 1: Food Security and Insecurity

Module Description

In the first module, we define the concept of food and what it means to individuals. We then explore food security and food insecurity meanings and definitions and the ramifications of living with food deprivation not only for western populations but also Indigenous communities. We also investigate the concept of food sovereignty as well as Indigenous food sovereignty.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will:

  1. Develop your own working definition of food and connect it to the concepts in this course.
  2. Become familiar with food security definitions and concepts and how they are expressed in various Community Food Security policies.
  3. Understand Indigenous Food Sovereignty frameworks.
  4. Identify the factors leading to food insecurity and deprivation globally and locally.
  5. Connect your own personal experiences of food security and food insecurity.

How to proceed with Module 1

Content Section 1

    • Read: Module One Overview (this page)
    • Watch Mini Lecture: Instructor Overview of Module One.
    • Complete Grocery List Activity
    • Read page and watch video: What is Food?
    • Watch Mini Lecture: Food Security and Food Sovereignty Concepts
    • Read – Food Security: A Quebec Case Study
    • Watch Mini Lecture: What is Food Insecurity
    • Watch YouTube video: Food Insecurity – What is Community Food Security/Insecurity?
    • Read: Community Food Security Deep Dive
    • Discussion

Content Section 2

    • Read and Watch: What is Indigenous Food Sovereignty? plus, Interview with Dawn Morrison
    • Watch Mini Lecture: What is Indigenous Food Insecurity?
    • Watch Video: What is Food Insecurity in Canada with Dr. Valerie Tarasuk
    • Complete Discussion
    • Write: Guided Reflection


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