Food Security and Insecurity in Canada – Interview with Valerie Tarasuk (YouTube)

The webinar link below, Food insecurity in Canada Latest data from PROOF is a required activity for this course.

To engage more deeply with food insecurity in the Canadian context, and to provide a clear and concise summary of all concepts we have discussed in this Module, I ask that you watch the first 25 minutes of the “Who is Food Secure” webinar linked below (but, as always, you may listen to the entire video). We can turn to one of the leading research teams in Canada on this topic, PROOF, an interdisciplinary research team investigating household food insecurity in Canada (I apologize for the quality of this YouTube video but if you can turn up the volume, and bear with the static that is present at times you will gain much insight into food insecurity in Canada).

I ask you to think about how this interview with Dr. Tarasuk links back to the definitions of food, food security, and finally food insecurity, especially listening for any data for Indigenous Food Insecurity. Are statistics provided for Indigenous Food insecurity? How can we glean from this interview, statistics, and assumptions on Indigenous Food Security?

The first 25 ” of this video is required viewing. However, I suggest that if you have time to complete the entire video, please do. It is extremely informative. The Guided Reflections questions will also be based on the first part of this YouTube Video.

“ Who is Food secure and food insecure, in Canada ” YouTube Videos Required for course completion

This video is 56 minutes long, and the first 25” is required viewing


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