Module 4 Guided Reflection


Module 4 Guided Reflection

Traditionally, reflections were recorded in a journal and submitted to the instructor on paper at the end of the course. However, since this is an online course, your reflections can be embedded within Canvas for me to read as we progress through this course. You may want to compose this offline and then cut and paste it in.

The questions below are only intended to guide you through your reflections, so you do not necessarily need to address these topics. These are suggestions but I ask that you do stay on the course topics for your reflections. You may pick one of the topics below and discuss it thoroughly or you may come up with your own questions pertaining to what we have learned in this module.

Challenge yourself to think critically about the above theories and concepts. You may do your own research following the introduction to these (new?) concepts also. These reflections are private and only to be read between you and me and will remain as such throughout the course.

I do not require a minimum or maximum word count as that is usually not required when sharing your inner-most thoughts about the various topics you will reflect upon. I will leave that up to you.

Guided Reflection Theme:

  • In the first YouTube video in this module, it was stated that half a trillion dollars are given directly and indirectly each year in agricultural subsidies.
    • Do you agree with this?
    • How can these dollars be better allocated?
  • If you could create a policy, what are some of your suggestions for a redistribution of agricultural dollars?
  • In the “Individual Approaches to Addressing Climate Change – United Nations Documents on Food Security, Climate Change, and Adaptation (Reading)” a number of resources were provided to you for your own learning goals and aims. If any of these websites and topics resonate with you, please explain what they are and why?
  • In the “Individual Approaches to Food Security During Climate Change – What are some of the Climate Actions we can take towards achieving Food Security? (Reading)” I ask at the end of the activity what you think about a comment made to me by a colleague. Please comment on this if you wish.
  • As this is your last Reflection Activity, you may choose to reflect on any topic within this course. We have covered a lot of material in a very short time so your reflection can include aspects of the entire course itself, or something of particular interest. I welcome all comments.



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