Module 1 Discussion: Introductions, Grocery List and Substantive Question and Answer

My sincere hope is that we can create a supportive learning environment together in this course by sharing our knowledge and experiences through our planned discussion opportunities. This first discussion will serve a dual purpose – it will enable you to get to know your classmates a little better, while beginning to engage with the course content. Subsequent discussions will focus more tightly on content.

Module 1 Discussion

  1. For your 150 word post, please include the following:
    • In 2 or 3 sentences, please let us know who you are by sharing your name and, if you are comfortable doing so, your current residence area (city or province is sufficient), your current occupation, and your reasons for taking this course.
    • Select one of the items on your grocery list and comment on what surprised you the most about the item. Did you decide it was food? Why or why not?
    • Post a substantive question that you have about the content of module 1 that your colleagues will be asked to answer.
  2. Respond to at least two of your colleague’s posts in a substantive way.



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