Food Security – A Quebec Case Study (Reading)

The expected time commitment for this activity: 20 minutes

Reading: Working Together to Build Sustainable Food Systems: A View from Quebec (Links to an external site) (April 30, 2020).

Source Organization: Food Secure Canada (Links to an external site)

This article gives a food sovereignty perspective that I believe could help achieve food security. I have based my doctoral research on this theoretical framework and although we do not have time to delve into the many concepts of Food Sovereignty in this course, it is a concept that I believe is important for achieving food security since it addresses social justice issues such as equality for small scale food producers, community resiliency, gender equality, climate change and ecosystem resiliency, and Indigenous Peoples’ for food sovereignty.

There are many other links to articles and if you wish to read them, please do so but the above article is required reading and a guided question in your Reflections activity will be posted that is based on this article.


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