Module 3 Discussion: Substantive Question and Answer

Module 3 Discussion

Following the Discussion Activities from the previous two modules, the goal of this exercise is to foster a supportive learning environment together by engaging in relevant topics of learning. Through deeper discussion and analytical frameworks of questioning and critical examination, please address one of the following questions. These are meant to be guides and I certainly encourage you to contribute your own novel and autonomous questions as well. Please post one substantive question, and then answer two of your fellow colleagues’ questions. You may engage in as many discussion topics as you wish but two is the minimum required.

Substantive Question: Provide one substantive question to group discussion from one of your readings in the first learning block of this module – 5” 

Substantive Answer: Answer two substantive questions from group postings – 5”

Your questions can be based on any material that we have discussed thus far in the module.

Please choose one of the following questions to reflect upon. As always, if you would like to reflect upon any other topics covered in this module, feel free to do so. I welcome creative content. 

Based upon the theoretical frameworks proposed in Module One: food security, food sovereignty, etc. please reflect upon the New York Times Article in this Module (3) and answer these questions:

1. Which food security narrative and theories that you learned in Module One (food security as defined by the United Nations or food security as defined by community, and local frameworks – think food sovereignty) does this NY Time article use to describe the global food supply? (Especially re-visit the four definitions of Food Security; United Nations Food Security; Indigenous Food Security; Indigenous Food Sovereignty; Community Food Security – the definitions and theoretical frameworks in order to answer this question).

2. What alternative narrative was proposed by the first lecturer and the second speaker in the set of 5 You Tube Videos in this module compared to the narrative in the New York Times Article?

3. On what basis are these two narratives different?

4. Which narrative resonates with you and do you personally identify in your own food security practices?

5. I am specifically interested in your thoughts, impressions, reflections, opinions about Michael Pollan’s lecture in the 5th Youtube video of the 5 video series. Please offer your comments.



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