Module 3: Climate Change & Food Security in the Future

Module Description

In the third module, we delve into climate change (defined as any significant change in the measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time). Using the Okanagan as a lens, we investigate the impacts of drought, flooding, pests, and forest fires on agriculture. We look at how producers are adapting to climatic variations that affect our food supply and the future impacts that climate change is likely to have on global food production.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this module, you will:

  1. Identify the processes contributing to climate change and its effects on the global atmosphere.
  2. Explain how climate change affects food security.
  3. Articulate the future effects of climate change on our food supply.
  4. Communicate in an open forum the relative contributions of individuals to mitigating climate change and food insecurity.
  5. Evaluate climate change topics and food-related insecurity.

How to proceed with Module 3

Content Section 1

    • Read: Module 3: Overview, Learning Outcomes and How to Proceed (this page).
    • Watch Mini Lecture: Instructor Overview of Module 3.
    • Watch Mini Lecture: What is climate change and how does it affect local food security?
    • Watch YouTube video: How does Climate Change affect Global Food Supply?
    • Read: What are the Future impacts of Climate Change?
    • Read: Agricultural Impacts of Climate Change impacts in the Okanagan Region.
    • (Optional) Read: Further Readings.
    • Quiz: Climate Change [Not available in Pressbooks version]
    • Discussion

Content Section 2

    • Read: Food Security and Covid.
    • Watch YouTube Video: ACARN and CAI Programs addressing climate. change and agricultural adaptation in the Okanagan.
    • Write – Guided Reflections


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