What is Climate Change – What is Climate Change and how does it affect local food security? Creston Valley, BC (Mini Lecture)

You now have a pretty good understanding of the water cycle and how climate change is impacting our water supply. However, there are other social impacts that also affect our water right here on the ground. The following lecture extracted from my doctoral research in the Creston Valley of BC, an agricultural area in south central BC, discusses the powerful effects of climate change on food security in the Creston Valley. Forest fires from land degradation have had devastating effects on climate change globally but it also effects local food production systems through flooding and erosion, not to mention the terrible effects of smoke on our foods and health. Other contributions to food security come from development and technology, and the need to procure energy for fast growing populations. Hydro developments along flood plains not only have necessitated entire farm communities to relocate but have caused fish populations to collapse bringing food insecurity to Indigenous Peoples who once relied on this most abundant and natural food source.

Video Transcript: FWSMod3-3.2-WhatIsClimateChange_transcript_Taylor


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