Module 4: What Does it all Mean and What Can We Do?

Module Description

In the fourth module, the course culminates by asking ourselves “How do we go forward in addressing food insecurity, water security, climate change, adapting to future climate change, and what we can do as individuals, communities, nations, and a community of nations?”.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the multiple definitions of food security and understandings of climate change. 
  2. Navigate through the multitude of United Nations Documents on food security, food insecurity, climate change, and Indigenous rights. 
  3. Articulate some of the actions you can take towards achieving Food Security, as an individual, community, nation, and global community member. 
  4. Critically think about how you can apply these actions to help humankind address climate change and food security.   

How to proceed with Module 4

Content Section 1

    • Read: Module 4 Overview, Learning Outcomes & How to Proceed (this page).
    • Watch Mini Lecture: Instructor Overview of Module 4
    • Watch YouTube video: What can we do as individuals to achieve food security in an unstable climate?
    • Read: United Nations Documents on Food Security, Climate Change, and Adaptation.
    • Watch YouTube video: Achieving Food Security in an Unstable Climate?
    • Write: Mini Essay Response to one of the YouTube Videos.
    • Discussion

Content Section 2

    • Read – What are some of the climate actions we can take towards achieving food security?
    • Write: Accumulative Guided Reflections
    • Watch Mini Lecture: Closing Remarks


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