Local Water Security in the Okanagan – CAI Programs in the Okanagan addressing drought and flooding (Reading)

Week 2/Module 2 – What Does Water Have to do With Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation?

Required Reading 

15 minutes

The following is Required Reading, adapted from the BC Agriculture and Food Climate Action Initiative from the following link:


This reading is meant to help you understand the preceding mini-lecture “Local Water Security and Agriculture in the Okanagan”. This reading offers a deeper analysis of the agricultural growing conditions here in the Okanagan. And prepares you to answer some of the guided questions in this week’s Discussion.

Please read Pages 3 to 11 while viewing the mini-lecture. The BCAFCAI initiative is our own local case study that we will discuss in our Weekly Discussion Question and Answer.

Further Resources not required to read:

The City of Kelowna Agricultural Plan – Background Report 2017 and Agriculture Plan Engagement Summary 2017


The Regional District of North Okanagan Regional Agricultural Plan – 2015


South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program – Sustainable Agriculture – 2020


Water Management, Water Security and Climate Change Adaptation: Early Impacts and Essential Responses Claudia Sadoff and Mike Muller


AgriFood Canada Research Centre Summerland, BC 


Additional resources:

Global Water Partnership at Climate 2010/Klima 2010



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