Appendix: Finding Chemical Property Data on NIST

Finding Antoine equation parameters on NIST

  1. Search for “NIST Chemistry Webbook” or go to
  2. Scroll down to search options and choose, name, formula or other desired search criteria
  3. Enter search criteria (e.g. methanol, CH3OH…)
  4. Leave other options as default and search for substance
  5. Select desired substance from the list provided if not brought to substance homepage immediately
  6. On the substance homepage scroll down to the “Other data available” section and select “phase change data”.
  7. Scroll through this section to find desired data

How to Access Steam Tables on NIST

  • Steam tables can be found on NIST

A. Select ‘Water’ from the ‘Please select the species of interest:’ drop-down menu

B. Choose the steam table units you’d like to work with, in step 2.

C. In Step 3, choose what kind of data you’re looking to obtain. For an isothermal system, select ‘Isothermal properties’. For a constant pressure system, select ‘Isobaric properties’.

D. Select the desired standard state convention. This course will most likely only use the ‘Default for fluid’ convention.


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